Boypants - Bamboo
Underpants with a low cut on the leg. - Two flat seam on the front part - Elastic..
Boypants - Grey Melange
Medium high waist underpants. - Two flat seams on the front part - Elastic..
Classic Bell Pants - Grey Melange
Low waist underpants. - Full coverage - Elastic trim at waistband and leg - Soft..
Elastic Bell Pants - Bamboo
Low cut underpants. - Wide elastic band - Thin and soft bamboo jersey - Fits true to size ..
Elastic Bell Pants - Grey Melange
Low waist underpants. - Large elastic waistband - Soft, stretch fabric - Fits true to..
Highwaist Bell Pants - Bamboo
Pants with high waist. - Elastic waistband and trim - Made in super soft bamboo fabric - F..
Highwaist Pants - Grey Melange
High waist underpants. - Elastic trim at waistband and leg - Soft, stretch fabric -&..
Lady Bra Bamboo
Oldtime shaped bra. - Small triangular opening at chest - Wide elastic band around bust -&..
Lady Bra Bamboo - Grey Melange
Bra with seam and panel detail at cups. - Elastic band around bust - Small triangular openi..
Mississipi Bra
Triangular neckline bra. - Thin adjustable straps - Thin elastic trim for support - Soft, ..